Tunisian book fair bans books on Ghannouchi – Middle East Monitor

The ban on a book on the Speaker of Parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, from the book fair sparked controversy in Tunisia, while the director of the fair justified this decision because the book publishing house “was violating “the laws of the fair. He denied that there were any political motives behind this case.

Some social media pages supporting the Ennahda movement circulated information about the banning of a book titled “Rached Ghannouchi and the Islamic Renaissance in Tunisia,” noting that the book, which describes Ghannouchi as “the true revolutionary” and The influence of the Ennahda movement on political life in Tunisia was banned on direct instruction from the Minister of Culture, Hayat Ketata.

The director of the book fair, Mabrouk Mannai, said that “the reason for the seizure and the issuing of a report (against the publishing house) is the exhibitor’s failure to declare the address above, which constitutes a violation of established procedures. “

He also stressed that “the joint committee made up of the book fair and the Tunisian Copyright and Neighboring Rights Organization (OTDAV) based in the exhibition hall to monitor literary theft, issued four related violations. to publisher’s rights and copyright infringements since the date of the exhibition. launched last Thursday. “

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Meanwhile, constitutional expert Rabih Kharaifi revealed that the management of the Book Fair had banned his new book, “Corruption and the Bankrupt State – Tunisia as a Model”. He wrote on his Facebook page: “I have just informed today, November 17, 2021 – Mr. Habib Al-Zoghbi, owner of“ Al-Kitab ”, the publisher and distributor of the book, that the management of the The exhibition forcibly prevented the book from being displayed on the grounds that it “offends Tunisia”, even though it is on the display list. This behavior is strange and the argument is funny. “

MP Saad Hajlawi commented on what Kharaifi wrote saying, “Rabih Kharaifi has been creative in misinterpreting the Constitution and Chapter 80 of the Constitution. He even offered innovations on constitutional law that jurists have not known through the ages, and what is getting closer to rulers and palaces, so he ended up losing on both sides. “

Former parliamentarian, Sabrine Goubantini wrote: “Poor you, Tunisia! You are banned and books confiscated!

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