The Outer Banks Voice – Adventures of a Pirate Girl book launch

Adventures of a pirate girl book released

By story submitted on July 25, 2021

Adventures of a Pirate Girl by Davina Menduno

The Adventures of a Pirate Girl is a (mostly) compelling true story about a woman who decides to unravel her double dream of finding a mate and traveling the world. Considering hitchhiking around the world, with almost no money, she jumps on a yacht from North Carolina to the Caribbean. Pirate Girl is the captain of her own life. She navigates with an internal compass that does not allow fears or conventional limits to restrict her movements or her mind. She seeks her inner horizon through a feminist, sexually positive spiritual lens, making this deep and playful story a journey that will resonate and inspire all kinds of women, by land or by sea.

Davina lived on Hatteras and sailed the surrounding waters on her purple boat for many years and ran a rental business from the Oden Wharf. After sailing halfway around the world, Davina now lives on Waiheke Island in New Zealand with her son. She sails in the Hauraki Gulf and works to launch her writing career with the first book in what will be the Pirate Girl series.

You can find his book at Buxton Books.

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