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Singapore Tourism Board and Little Black Book launch Singapore Edit Festival

Posted on January 21, 2022

The Singapore Edit Festival brings together six local Indian and four Singaporean brands to create a Singapore-inspired limited collection in apparel, home decor, cocktails and healthy snacks.

Bombay : The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) India today announced its partnership with Little Black Book (LBB), one of India’s leading online content and discovery platforms, to launch a limited collection of Singapore-inspired lifestyle products . The collection will be presented at the Singapore Edit Festival on the LBB store from January 14 to February 14, 2022.

Designers of popular local brands from Singapore and India have come together to create a range of Singaporean-inspired products ranging from furniture, home decor, clothing to cocktail mixers and healthy snacks. They will be made available for sale exclusively through LBB’s online shopping platform. This unique collaboration of six Indian brands and four Singaporean brands has blended their brand philosophy and design elements to present a unique and limited edition that has never been done before. Designers from both countries had worked virtually to jointly organize the design of the products and the fruits of labor were proudly made in India.

With the pandemic affecting local retail, this association hopes to reinvigorate the demand for local Indian brands which has been growing steadily over the years. This innovative collaboration brings out the uniqueness and cultural blend of Singapore and India to create compelling offerings that celebrate the journey of these local brands.

In the home furniture category, Singaporean furniture brand Scene Shang and Indian interior design brand Sashaa World have co-created furniture, cushion covers, rugs and wall hangings inspired by the iconic room pattern of Scene Shang, a motif commonly found in Singapore’s heritage architecture. India’s House This features home décor items inspired by Singapore’s flora and fauna while in the clothing category, Singapore’s Baju by Oniatta, a clothing line dedicated to reinventing Batik for the modern wardrobe, and Fabnest , a fast-growing Indian fashion brand have reinvented a ‘Tiger-themed clothing collection to mark the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar. Fabnest brought this theme to life on an Ikat fabric, originating from India.

Kolkata-based brand Leisure Loom and Singaporean design brand Onlewo have collaborated on a range of women’s clothing while in the packaged food category, Singapore’s Prima Taste and India’s Omay Foods serve potato flakes , nuts and chickpeas seasoned with Singapore Laksa to add to Omay Foods’ range of healthy snacks. Finally, for the cocktail mixer category, Bartisans, an Indian brand of cocktail mixers has concocted a Singaporean-inspired pandan and coconut cocktail mixer to add a Singapore twist to its classic cocktail range.

The four selected Singaporean brands, Scene Shang, Baju by Oniatta, Onlewo and Prima Taste, are part of the “Made with Passion” initiative, a national marketing campaign that promotes local Singaporean lifestyle brands that embody the Singaporean spirit of turning possibilities into reality.

Speaking of the new initiative, Mr. Raymond Lim, Regional Manager, India (New Delhi), STB said, “We are thrilled to partner with LBB for the Singapore Edit Festival and introduce Indian audiences to a collaboration that promotes talent from both countries. This is a continuation of our earlier effort in 2021 where the couple from l Indian artist Gond Bhajju Shyam and Singaporean artist Sam Lo came together through the curation of the St+art India Foundation to create a mural titled “Dancing in Unison” in Singapore. These cross-border efforts have become one of our signature creative approaches in curating content that appeals to our audience and brings the two countries together.We believe these wonderful creations from the talents of Singapore and India will be well subscribed by LBB fans. Given that travel to Singapore by fully vaccinated Indian travelers is now possible through the Vaccinated Travel Lane, we hope this initiative will stimulate their interest in better appreciating travel brands. tail from Singapore and bring home something locally made on their next visit to Singapore.”

From LBB, co-founder Suchita Salwan had the following to say about the association “We are delighted to partner with the Singapore Tourism Board on a one-of-a-kind collaboration: the LBBxSTB Singapore Edit Festival. LBB has been celebrating and valuing emerging brands and entrepreneurs in the lifestyle category since its inception. Through this association, we are delighted to give our users the opportunity to experience some of the best Singaporean design and lifestyle brands, from the comfort of their own homes; until they’re ready to travel to Singapore and experience these amazing brands in person. It’s also a great opportunity for Indian brands selling on LBB to share context and ideas and create truly unique products that embody Indian craftsmanship and Singaporean-inspired design.

Here’s what some of the brands have to say about their experiences in their collaborative journeys for the Singapore Publishing Festival.

Indian brands

House This – Shikha Pahwa, Founder and CEO, said“Collaborating with the Singapore Tourism Board and LBB has been a unique opportunity to rediscover Singapore through its hidden gems and co-create a collection that sits at the confluence of our two cultures. The whole trip was immensely invigorating and rewarding.

Supporters – Jovita & Jordan Mascarenhas, founders of the mother-son duo, said“The Bartisans story began by bringing happy hours to your home when you couldn’t get out to enjoy them with small-batch handcrafted mixers, high-end trims and bar tools. During my first international holiday in singapore, i discovered the flavor of pandan.When the opportunity to collaborate with the singapore tourism board came up, i didn’t think i could pass up.The coconut cocktail mixer and au pandan is a reflection of these very flavors of this journey and we are delighted to have this opportunity with LBB, to introduce you to the flavors of Singapore, one cocktail at a time.

Fabnest – Divam Jain, Founder, said“The team at Fabnest are absolutely thrilled to have had such a rewarding experience working with Oniatta and his team in Singapore. The insight we gained in balancing the design sensibilities of both brands has really moved us forward. our skills for this collaboration. Many thanks to LBB and the Singapore Tourism Board for giving us this incredible opportunity.

Omay Foods – Vijay Katta, Founder, said, “At Omay Foods, we combine nutrition and taste. The Prima Taste and Singapore Tourism Board teams helped us crack these staple Singaporean flavors with locally available ingredients. The taste and packaging of the snacks showcase the strong bond that the two cultures share. We are delighted to serve them across India with LBB and cultivate memories for a long time to come!”

Sashaa World – Sakshi Munjal, Founder, said: “It was also heartwarming to revisit Singapore, a place extremely close to my heart, albeit through conversations and design inspirations. Complementing Singaporean heritage with Indian craftsmanship in this collaborative effort has been my most great pleasure.

Singaporean brands

Prima Taste – Mr. Eric Sim, Managing Director, said“Food is a unifying force that unites people around the world and we are delighted to partner with like-minded brands like Little Black Book, Omay Foods and Singapore Tourism Board who share the same passion for local delicacies. collaboration was a great opportunity for us to introduce Singaporean delicacies to India and also to express our love for Singaporean cuisine.

Baju by Oniatta – Oniatta Effendi, cultural entrepreneur and founder, said“Collaborations are always special because above all, it’s an opportunity for us to learn new things and make new friends. It’s amazing how, despite the pandemic that has made the distance seem further than it actually is, technology has allowed us to connect and share our experiences, our brand value and journey, our sources of inspiration – and all of this culminating in a product that both brands and our followers will be very proud.

Shang Scene – Jessica Wong and Pamela Ting, co-founders, said“In this collaborative effort, Saasha World has used our pattern of repeating geometric pieces, inspired by Peranakan tiles found in shops in Singapore, and which symbolize endless blessings, to create a collection of woven homewares bearing these symbols. We are particularly excited about the new woven coin pattern in the macrame magazine rack, as it marries the symbol with the craftsmanship particularly well, and the result is beautiful, inspiring and refreshing.

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