Saint Lucian artist Esther Antoine will host a book launch in New York

In honor of Women’s History Month, Saint Lucian singer and artist Esther Antoine will host a book launch in New York, for her two recently released memoirs, “You Left Me Broken” and “My Journey Surviving a Brain Aneurysm”.

This event will take place on Saturday, March 26, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at M&K Corner, 926 Clarkson Avenue in Brooklyn. Both publications are also available for purchase at

In You Left Me Broken, Antoine recalls the painful loss of his five-month-old baby, Kerith, who suffocated in his crib. The tragic incident led to the recall of 2,000 cribs of this model from stores.

My Journey Surviving a Brain Aneurysm is the inspirational true story of the author’s battle with two life-threatening brain aneurysms. Here she tells the harrowing story of her ordeal and reveals how deep she had to dig to find the strength and courage to face her situation.

Growing up in Saint Lucia, Antoine started singing at the age of eight and was heavily influenced by his father, Gregory ‘Sewaynis’ Smith, a well-known singer and guitarist.

She also sang in the church choir early on, performing duets with her younger sister as they ministered in various churches across the country. She then began singing backup vocals for various live bands.

Arrived in New York more than twenty years ago in search of new opportunities, she met the owner of the production studio African Voice Production (AVP), himself a music producer. It was there that she got the chance to write and record her own original music. The two collaborate to this day.

Antoine is frequently featured on radio stations in the UK, USA and Jamaica, where she continues to promote her music and writing. She said she enjoys karaoke as a form of therapy, adding that it also boosts her vocal abilities. She has a great sense of compassion for the needy and donates to local and national charities as well as several based in Africa.

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