Queen Victoria’s Market and Book Market make a long-awaited comeback

Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market and Melbourne Book Market will make their long-awaited return this weekend.

Queen Victoria Market today announced that its famous retail sheds and lanes will return after being closed for 78 days (six lockdown) and 262 days (as of March 2020).

The much-loved Melbourne Book Market will also make its long-awaited return this weekend with more than 5,000 new and used titles. The market will also soon house a brand new library.

What would you like to know

  • Queen Victoria Market will reopen this weekend
  • Friday October 22 for guests and Saturday October 23 for outdoor sales
  • It’s the end of 262 days of forced shutdowns for the Melbourne institution

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Queen Victoria Market is the first of Melbourne’s major markets and shopping destinations to see the return of specialty retailing due to its open-air shopping environment.

The cafes and restaurants of Queen Victoria Market will also once again welcome Melburnians for indoor and outdoor sit-down meals, while traders in the beauty, hairstyling and personal services sectors can have up to five clients fully vaccinated indoors.

Queen Victoria Market CEO Stan Liacos said this weekend’s reopening will see the market return to an outdoor retail destination in the heart of the city.

“Our iconic outdoor sheds will come back to life this weekend with plenty of room for Melburnians to browse and purchase items they haven’t been able to get their hands on in months,” he says.

“The return of our outdoor and hotel-restaurant traders will bring together many small family businesses that were closed for more than 250 days throughout the pandemic. The unique outdoor environment of Queen Victoria Market means that we are able to reopen a significant concentration of outdoor retail and hospitality locations this weekend.

“Our traders are delighted to welcome all Melburnians to the Queen Victoria Market, and we look forward to seeing Victorians and highway visitors return in the coming weeks as the restrictions ease further and the ‘full market offering returns. “

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