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The Vegan NSW book stall at the Sydney Vegan Market. Photo: Sydney Vegan Market/Facebook.

Susan Hauswirth, volunteer coordinator for the ever-popular Vegan NSW Book Stall, shares the story behind the stories.

The Vegan NSW Book Stall has been around for over 10 years. Originally created by volunteers when Vegan NSW was still called the Vegan Society of NSW, it has been taken to various vegan exhibitions and festivals as part of their stand. In November 2017, the first Sydney Vegan Market was launched at the Portuguese Club in Marrickville. A few moves later and we found our home in the entertainment district at Moore Park. The Book Stall is one of many stalls run by Vegan NSW in our popular Sydney Vegan Market. The aim of the book stand has always been to spread the vegan message – to support vegans and promote veganism. It is a non-profit project and is always run by volunteers.

Every month, thousands of people, vegans and not-yet-vegans, visit our market and head to the bookstore. There are over 200 books to browse and buy at any marketplace, emphasizing variety and offering something interesting for everyone. We stock a range of books covering topics from philosophy and ethics to health and nutrition, cooking and food, as well as a range of beautiful children’s books. We also have a number of “how to go vegan” books. New books arrive every month, so there’s always something different to watch.

What books are popular? Well, cookbooks win hands down – vegan food is amazing!

One of the popular cookbooks. Photo: Susan Hauswirth.

Some recommendations from the wide range of authors we have would be:

  • Vegan 100, Vegan Christmas and Plants only Kitchen by Gaz Oakley, the Vegan Vanguard. With beautifully prepared and photographed dishes, these recipes will make your mouth water!
  • Alongside Gaz, the BOSH boys have been hugely popular, with titles such as BOSH fast, Healthy BOSH, Bish Bash BOSH and simply SHELVESthey have multiple options covered in a delicious and easily accessible way.
  • Australian Shannon Martinez’s latest cookbook, Vegan with bite was also in high demand.

In addition to well-known authors, needs-specific books are also popular. We have cookbooks for gluten-free vegans, low FODMAP vegans, keto vegans, vegans in a hurry, vegans with a taste for international cuisine, vegans who like to make their own staple foods, sporty vegans, cake-loving vegans and more!

Personally, I love our children’s books. We have books for all ages, from toddlers to teens:

  • A popular choice for younger kids would be Anita Ahmadizadeh’s Swan series, which explores important questions through the adventures of Swan (Anita’s daughter) with titles such as Swan says no to plastic and Swan releases the circus.
  • I can’t speak high enough of she and billy by Nicole Godwin. These books gently educate children about the plight of elephants in captivity (Ella the elephant) and the damage we cause to our oceans (Billie the dolphin) and are beautifully illustrated by Demelsa Haughton.
  • We have some teen fiction titles and Amanda the teenage activist by Catherine Kelaher is an excellent choice.

All three are local authors.

A selection of children’s book titles at the Vegan NSW Book Stall. Photo: Susan Hauswirth.

Chat with customers reveals that vegan aunts, uncles and teachers often buy children’s books!

Our range of books on ethics and philosophy are also attracting attention, as are titles on health and nutrition. With topics ranging from animal rights to environmentalism, a vegan travel guide and everything in between.

Image: Sydney Vegan Market/Instagram.

The Vegan NSW Book Stall is located at the Sydney Vegan Market, held the third Sunday of each month at the Entertainment Quarter, Lang Road, Moore Park.

The market is a Covid-safe event, with operators strictly adhering to government guidelines and ensuring vendors and visitors do the same.

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