Mystic of the Midway virtual book launch and discussion

Last March, I wrote about the Canadian author AA Blair’s efforts to publish a book about Crystal Beach Amusement Park (1890-1989), titled Middle Mystic. At the time, the book was available for pre-order.

As a child of the 80s, Blair’s connection to the park allowed him to craft a spellbinding tale that will appeal to intermediate level readers (ages 7-11).

Now Blair is promoting a virtual book launch that will take place on Sunday, October 17 from 2-3 p.m. The book launch will include a conversation with Blair and some of his friends, all of whom were fans of the iconic amusement park located in the area.

“We’ll have Histria Books (the publisher) here to talk about their Histria Kids imprint, what they’re looking for from authors, and what Mystic of the Midway influenced their decision to publish the (fictional) story,” explained Blair. We will also have a Crystal Beach Historian, who will talk a bit about the history of the park, what it meant to the community, and some of the lore surrounding the park and its ghosts. inspiration from the book and the publishing journey, community support, etc. I’ll also be doing a reading, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone. People who want to learn more about the history, people interested in the history of the park, and people interested in the publishing process. |

The virtual book launch is free | To visit Eventbrite


After a horrific accident, Effie and her family make a quick trip to their summer cottage to escape tests and doctor’s appointments. The promise of a relaxing family getaway is cut short when Effie stumbles upon a mystery that threatens to destroy her family.

Effie enlists the help of her detective brother, Jimmy, as well as her longtime Crystal Beach friends, Lydia, and her mischievous little brother Sniff. As their investigation deepens, Effie begins to see and hear things that might not be real.

Effie struggles to overcome her doubts and realize that her idyllic vacation spot is not what it seems. Trying not to lose faith, Effie embraces her newfound abilities hoping the whispers and signs will lead her and her friends to the answers they need to save her family.

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