Launch of the book “The All Mighty” by Kostas Seremetis

After HypeArt and HBXthe very first edition of Kostas Seremetis limited edition collaborative prints titled The all mighty last July, we are now set to publish a hardcover book commemorating the body of work under the same name this week. Released in limited quantities, the book features the 43 original works from the acclaimed interdisciplinary artist’s project. The collection features collagist artworks encapsulating Kostas’ illustrative interpretations of Greek ephemera, iconic figures and more.

“These superheroes and cartoons are like modern mythology that everyone can relate to. Just like the ancient Greek gods and goddesses who still loom large in today’s society,” the artist said about of its cast of characters. “I’m an artist who continues to fill in the gaps and listen to the call of the universe. I’m constantly jamming and mixing these characters while engaging with them. J ‘obey this feeling I have while painting’

With a studio in Hudson, NY, Kostas is the artist who has spearheaded the representation of realities in popular culture for over a decade in his prolific practice. His works include painting, film and sculpture which feature abstract depictions of nostalgic characters such as mickey mouse, Felix the cat and others. Given his Spartan origins, the artist also recalls ancient works in his visual artworks such as Greek statues and ephemera.

Stay tuned for more details on The all mighty Book launch this week.

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