Launch of the Bairns book to launch a new artistic program

The launch of a BOOK by local children’s author Ann Marie Anderson, which will include a family concert by music group The Revelers, will be part of a new performing arts program.

Reading and partying for Myrtle and Meenie will take place in Mareel on Saturday October 30 at 2 p.m.

It will also feature artist Dirk Robertson, who contributed illustrations for the book.

On Halloween weekend, bairns are encouraged to dress up for the event – there will even be a prize for the winner.

After reading the book, bairns can dance to a short set from The Revellers.

Free launch tickets can be booked online, in person at the Mareel and ShetlandMade box office at Sumburgh Airport. Tickets can also be reserved by calling 01 595 745 500 (Wednesday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.).

This is the first event of the new Shetland Arts program We are live program covering comedy, dance, film and literature and music.

Orders are supported by Creative Scotland’s Venues Relief Fund.

A number of other events are planned as part of the program.

It features a play by Christie Williamson, Chris Stour and Catriona Mackay as they build on their recent Da Flit sound work.

Comedy group The Imposters will perform an improvised musical pantomime during the Christmas season, with live musical accompaniment.

Local folk group Herkja will team up with Shetland Museum and Archive, Shetland Film Archive and the Kist o Riches (Tobar an Dualchais) Archives to write and perform new music inspired by the visual and sound history of Shetland.

Dancer and choreographer Kathryn Spence and filmmakers JJ Jamieson and Liz Musser will step into the Shetland landscape to create a new on-screen dance work, presented as an installation on multiple screens.

Hosting two concerts, Da Gret Nort Gaff will see comedians Rosco McLelland and Liam Withnail perform for the first time in Shetlands alongside Shetland actress Marjolein Robertson.

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