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HAGÅTÑA (Ayuda Foundation) — A book launch at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library this Saturday, April 23 at 10 a.m. will feature a publication called “Latte in the Marianas.” The book introduces the latte through wisdom passed down from generation to generation, photographs, oral histories, archaeology, latte-inspired art, poetry, chants and songs, and heritage initiatives community.

The book is both an oversized, vivid, and beautiful coffee table book, as well as a compilation of over 130 pages of one- and two-page entries written by cultural practitioners, historians, archaeologists, and historical curators. much appreciated who have been part of the Marianas. cultural renaissance and have years or decades of expertise and experiences to share.

A 10-poster Latte from the Marianas series is also on display at the library which gives some of the main points about latte that are featured in the book.

The latte has become an iconic symbol of the CHamoru identity and the ingenuity and skill of their ancestors. At the same time, although there is a significant amount of academic material on latte, there are few written books on latte for the community. In “Latte in the Marianas”, entries are between 50 and 500 words and take anywhere from a few to 15 minutes to read. One can easily skim through the book and stop at one of its many topics to learn the latest knowledge on a particular aspect of lattes.

The CNMI launch to be held in Saipan will underscore that “Latte in the Marianas” is truly by the community, for the community comprised of over 80 voices from across the archipelago and beyond. CNMI contributors to the book have been invited to the launch where they will be able to see and hear how their individual contributions have been woven together into a massive accounting of the latte. Public librarians as well as school librarians were also invited to pick up the free copy of the book from their library.

The “Latte in the Marianas” project recently partnered with Guampedia through which copies of the book can be purchased, the proceeds of which will continue to support Guampedia’s valuable cultural and historical work not only on Guam, but also on CNMI and the Micronesia. .

The “Latte in the Marianas” project was made possible by the Ayuda Foundation, Guam Preservation Trust, Humanities Guåhan, Northern Marianas Humanities Council, Guam Tourist Attraction Fund, Nihi Ta Fanhasso’ Cultural and Historical Consulting, Kaleidic Design and Micronesian Legacy. Council, LLC.

For more information, contact Dr. Kelly Marsh (Taitano) at kmarsh@triton.uog.edu

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