Jamil Nasir’s Book Launch Ceremony Held at LCCI Today

A launching ceremony of the newly published books with the titles “Development for an equitable society” and “Political economy of bad governance”, written by Jamil Nasir, was held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lahore (LCCI) today December 11, 2021. The ceremony was organized by the Research and Development Department of LCCI. A large number of representatives from business, government and academia attended. in the ceremony. Mr. Rehman Aziz Chan, President of LCCI, welcomed the guests and participants to the ceremony. He commended the efforts of his team who took the initiative to introduce the said books to the business community. He praised the author for writing books on a dry subject in an easy and readable style. Mr. Jamil Nasir, while recounting his experience of what prompted him to write these books, pointed out that his journey begins with his exposure to the outside world when he had the opportunity to study in the UK in as a Chevening Fellow and in the United States at Columbia University as a World Bank Fellow. He stated that through multiple articles included in the said books, he presented the findings and insights of various papers and empirical studies undertaken on the themes of global development and economic policy in a simple manner so that people who have even a rudimentary knowledge of economics and development become familiar with the problems that hold us back in development. He stressed that without investing in the health and education of the population, sustainable development is not possible. Mr. Shahid Kardar, Vice-Chancellor of the BNU, criticized the two books and praised the author’s efforts to combine several development themes such as economic growth, inequality, taxation, corruption, economy politics, poverty reduction and democracy, etc. his books. He pointed out that the software side of development should be given greater priority in public policy formulation and spending, as we have traditionally been stuck in the bricks and mortar development model that has not worked.

Mr. Nadeem Ul Haque, Vice-Chancellor of PIDE, who was the main guest on the occasion, underlined in his speech the centrality of economic growth, excellence, productivity and training in the good skill set for development. He said that long-term growth is only possible through the development of a better state architecture, capable of political and institutional innovation. For a country to develop, politics, state and society must become more thoughtful and curious, he argued. Commenting on the books, Mr. Haque said the books are very useful and should be used for classroom debates and to develop deeper and more thoughtful economic policy in the country. The books are full of ideas and ideas and should be read by everyone. The ceremony ended with a note of thanks to the Vice President of LCCI.

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