Friends of the Fairfield Public Library Author’s Book Fair, Tue, Dec 14, 1 pm-3pm

Fairfield, CT – The Fairfield Public Library and the Friends of the Library are delighted to announce a local author’s book fair to be held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Rotary Hall of the main library. Six local authors will discuss their work and sell and sign copies of their books.

Arno Zimmer grew up in upstate New York and currently resides in Fairfield. Inspired by a childhood experience, he wrote his first novel, The Parlor City Boys, in 2015, and continued to expand his repertoire of murders and mysteries after his retirement. His 6 novels, including his latest book, Reservoir Man: The Disappearance of Tommy Dwyer, are available on Amazon, in paperback and e-book format.

The Red Velvet Diary is Joan Isaacson’s first book. The story is based on happy childhood memories and family stories told to him during his youth. Joan was born in Naples, Italy, and is a first generation American. She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of six. Joan grew up in New Jersey but has lived in Connecticut for 26 years.

Dr Mario Dell’Olio is the author of four books: Letters from Italy, scheduled for publication in February 2022; New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood, released in December 2020, and two self-published novels, both finalists for the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Coming About: Life in the Balance is a memoir about a sailing adventure gone horribly wrong, while Body and Soul is an LGBTQ fiction that explores the conflict of the 1980s outing in the world of the Catholic Church. Dr Dell’Olio is an alumnus of Fairfield University and a former teacher of Fairfield Preparatory School. To learn more, visit

Susan M. Meyers is an optimist who believes the world would be better served if everyone was more aligned with their higher purpose. The challenge as she sees it is not only to serve its purpose, but also to adapt as it changes from time to time. When Susan found herself questioning her own goal, she decided to find it again and was led to write The Decorating Club in the hopes of helping others facing similar challenges. To learn more, visit

Ron Blumenfeld is a native of New York (the Bronx) and a retired pediatrician and healthcare executive who has found his inner writer. It is the product of a New York education: Bronx High School of Science, City College of New York and SUNY / Downstate Medical Center. After his residency in pediatrics at the University of Arizona at Tucson, he moved to Fairfield, Connecticut, where he has been since. In retirement, Ron became a columnist for the Fairfield Citizen-News, but gave up the fun to focus on his first novel, The King’s Anatomist.

Hannah Kaminsky’s love for desserts forced her to start experimenting in the kitchen at a young age to create incredible, cruelty-free treats. It quickly spread to cooking healthy and savory meals and beyond. Her blog,, features creative crafts, delicious treats, and mouthwatering photographs. To learn more, visit

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