Exclusive: Laura June Kirsch hosts the soft book launch for “Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults in the Age of Hope” [Interview]

Laura June Kirsch recently hosted a soft book launch for her book, “Romantic Fantasies of Lowlife: Emerging Adults in the Age of Hope. “

This book is Kirsch’s first monograph, described as a photographic retrospective that focuses on the variety of subcultures among millennials during the Obama era. In 2008, the economy was grappling with a financial crisis that affected many people. This has enabled people to create opportunities for themselves financially and socially. Most of the photos captured those of the music community, mixing Kirsch’s love for music with a passion for photography. The development of this project occurred when Kirsh was filming musical events for work, showcasing his life, people and communities. “Romantic Fantasies of Lowlife » takes a unique view and understanding of young people by embracing the circumstances around them and finding ways to live out their lives and “fantasies”.

Photography played an important role in Kirsch’s life. She started showing interest at the age of five, which continued until high school, where she began taking photography classes. She currently has a partnership with Vans, where she started as a resident photographer.

Kirsh spoke with The stunning about his new book and detailed what fans will be able to see. Her work can be followed on Instagram @laurajunekirsch and @romanticlowlifefantasies.

The Knockturnal: Tell us about the launch party today?

Laura June Kirsch: The launch party was crazy, because it was pouring rain and it was really tough with the weather last week. It’s not going to rain, it’s going to rain weakly, it’s not going to rain at all, now it’s going to rain. It wasn’t raining when we got here which was good for us while loading, but now it’s raining heavily. But, a lot of people have come and I am so grateful that they are here and I am honored that they have come out in such horrible weather.

The Knockturnal: Tell us about the book.

Laura June Kirsch: The book is titled “Romantic Fantasies of Lowlife: Emerging Adults in the Age of Hope » and it’s a photographic retrospective of millennials in subcultures during the Obama era, focused primarily on musical communities.

The Knockturnal: What inspired you to shoot this book?

Laura June Kirsch: I have always photographed everything in my life and I am a huge fan of music. I was working in music at that time and filming musical events. This is really what I was doing with the people I was friends with and the communities I was in.

The Knockturnal: How did you get started in photography?

Laura June Kirsch: I have always been interested in photography since I was little. I started shooting when I was five years old. Obviously I didn’t have a lot of money for movies, when I got to high school I had a lot of photo lessons and took everyone I could and got really passionate about it.

The Knockturnal: Tell me about your partnership (s).

Laura June Kirsch: I’m a resident photographer for Vans, I’ve been shooting with them for about 10 years. They had a House of Vans here, I was one of their photographers and we continued that relationship and that was a very beautiful thing. They were very encouraging and amazing, it’s so amazing to work with them as an artist.

The Knockturnal: What can people expect in the future?

Laura June Kirsch: A scenario. Ideally, I had an idea for a script that I discussed with my friend from college who is a director. I hope that would be my next thing honestly or maybe something with the NBA. I am a huge basketball fan and would like to photograph more basketball stuff.

The Knockturnal: How did you publish the book?

Laura June Kirsch: It was a very long process. In 2016, I sat down and started browsing my work, editing it, and taking meetings for years. I pretty much turned the book into a deck, did a cover, wrote the intro and did it all, and then got published.

The Knockturnal: One last thought?

Laura June Kirsch: Buy the book!

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