Evanna Lynch posts memoir teaser and date for book launch event

We look forward to reading Evanna Lynch’s memoir, The opposite of butterfly hunting: the tragedy and glory of growing up, which will be released this fall. Luna Lovegood actor and vegan activist has just announced that she will be hosting a launch event in London, England. Plus, we got a little teaser of the book itself.

In her memoir, Evanna talks about her childhood, her childhood in the public eye, her eating disorder, her creative opportunities and many other topics close to her heart, in her own words. A live audience will be able to celebrate the book’s launch on its anniversary, October 14, at Shoreditch Town Hall in London. Don’t worry – although only live attendees will each receive a copy of the briefs, the event will be broadcast live to an international audience. Butterfly readers around the world will be able to follow the event as the book launches. Tickets are on sale now.

While waiting for the book and the launch event, we also got a little teaser. The quote Evanna shared reminds us of the story of the titular butterfly, a creature that survives, creates cocoons, turns into something beautiful, and spreads its wings. It becomes an analogy that resonates with the actress’ story:

I felt like I was looking through a window that reminded me that there was beauty, color, magic and wonder available to me there, if only I could step over the precipice. .

Stay tuned for more on Evanna’s experiences. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the book as it takes off. The opposite of butterfly hunting is already available for pre-order in hardback, e-book and audiobook versions. It will be released on October 14 in the UK and October 19 in the US. Join the #ButterflyHunting team now.

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