Canon Solutions America joins the Jericho School District in celebrating the launch of the “Emergence” book as part of its Future Authors program

The project of the future authorslaunched for the first time at Jericho School District in 2017, is an annual project that gives accomplished high school students an insider’s look at the writing process, from idea conception, writing and editing to publication. The Future Authors Project also offered students the opportunity to sign copies of digitally published books, printed by Suffolk printfor participants in the official book launch on November 18 at Jericho High School.

The theme and title of this year’s book, Emergence, was inspired by the emergence of a particularly difficult year; writing together served to celebrate the school’s perseverance and how Jericho students and teachers always strive to do their best. The 2021 Summer Institute was the school’s first all-in-person activity in over a year. Emerging from the darkness and isolation of the early days of the pandemic, this year’s creative pieces reflect the joy, connection, thoughtfulness and camaraderie students experienced in large part simply because they could be together. The 2021 Summer Institute was our first fully in-person activity in over a year. We had emerged from darkness and isolation, and were mostly intact. Our writing reflects the joy, connection, thoughtfulness, and camaraderie that we experienced in large part simply because we could be together. It was what we needed, to be together.

“The texts and images included in Emergence are a collection of personal reflections after the difficult year many of our students and staff have been through and how they were able to overcome such adversity. Many shared challenges and hardships faced in quarantine allowed for a significant amount of self-reflection, especially given the time spent at home. I am so proud of each of our students for sharing insights into their experiences and creative minds with us, as their brutality and their vulnerability resulted in a huge collection of stories for this book,” said Dr. Daniel SalzmanCurriculum Associate for English Language Arts, Jericho School district.

As part of the project, students used Canon imaging equipment during the creative process to capture vibrant photographs to accompany their written work. This year, due to the limitations of the pandemic, Canon experts have organized a virtual photography course to help educate and prepare students for the photography portion of the program, using the power of the Canon EOS Webcam Utility Software. The student submissions were then collected and digitally printed and bound into a book using Canon printing technology. Subsequently, each student received a “published author” credit.

“This year presented us with a number of challenges, but thanks to Canon Solutions America and their continued support of our school and its students, we were able to complete another bestselling book. When we first partnered At Canon Solutions America on the Future Authors Project, our goal was to provide an outlet for our students to foster their creative abilities, and even in such an unpredictable year, we were able to provide this opportunity again to our students,” said Suzanne ValenzaEnglish teacher, Jericho High School.

For a number of students, it was the first time their work had been published in a printed book, generating a strong sense of accomplishment. Brian ReichJericho High School Senior, said it was one of the proudest moments of his career as a young writer.

“The piece I wrote was inspired by the feeling and experiences that happened over the past year or so in quarantine, and writing this piece was truly a passion project of mine. See my writing published in Emergence was amazing, I just kept looking at my name printed on the page and grinning from ear to ear. I really feel like I’m officially a writer, and that’s the best feeling at all. world,” Reich said.

President of Canon Solutions America Peter P. Kowalczuk attended the event and spoke to Jericho students about the importance of harnessing their creativity and striving for personal and professional growth.

“We are passionate about providing students with opportunities to unleash their creativity and open up the vast world of publishing to students in our communities through our Future Authors project, and we are thrilled to celebrate another successful book launch with Jericho High School. This program is a compelling example of the incredible impact that digital book printing has had on the industry,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, President, Canon Solutions America. “I would especially like to thank the team at Suffolk Printing for the opportunity to help us showcase the technology and printing capabilities of the imagePRESS C10000VP in this production. Canon Solutions America is proud beyond words of every student who has successfully participated in this program and shown their passion for writing and creativity.”

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