Buhari under fire for attending book launch hours after gruesome killings by bandits

President Muhammadu Buhari has come under fire for his attendance at a book launch, hours after bandits sent a shock wave from Sokoto.

Although killings are fast becoming a daily occurrence, the burning of passengers by bandits in Sokoto has shaken the nation.

The victims, who were seasonal migrants, are said to have headed for Kaduna, before their journeys to the south of the country.

However, they were burned alive in Gidan Bawa village, Sabon Birni local government area, Sokoto state.

In its reaction, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) said the horrific killing of innocent travelers showed that “human life is cheaper than that of chickens in Nigeria today”.

Buhari had offered his condolences to the families of the victims, saying the despicable act showed that the evil facing his administration required the support and involvement of all Nigerians.

“I am very saddened by the manner in which these unfortunate citizens who were undertaking a legitimate trip to another part of the country were killed,” he said in a statement issued on his behalf by Femi Adesina, his spokesman.

But hours after the incident, the president traveled to Lagos where he inaugurated ships exclusively built by Nigerian naval engineers and he also attended a book launch.

One of the ships ordered

Buhari was the special guest of honor at the launch of “My Participations”, the biography of chef Bisi Akande, former acting president of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Photos from the event were posted on social media, but within minutes of posting, thousands of social media users bombarded the president with comments.

An Ibrahim Tunde Opeola wrote, “Buhari going to political party concerts to throw books in Lagos at a time when bandits roasted people in Sokoto without a single visit is on par with GEJ going to dance in Kano a day after bombs killed people at Nyanya bus stop…this is the height of irresponsibility as a leader.

Facebook user Aminu Naganye wrote: “May Allah treat you the same as you treat our security situation…

Leena Amir Ahmad,” also a Facebook user, said, “Wow! Did it give you immense pleasure? You are a cold-hearted leader, sir. You have terribly disappointed the Nigerians! »

Abdulrazaq Namadi Liman said: “Very unhappy! Buhari you will face consequences northerners we believe our prayers will not go for this our people are being killed, kidnapped, raped, burnt to ashes everyday and you are writing here stupidity without even concentrating with us . #SecureNorth #NorthIsBleeding”

Buhari exchanging pleasantries with Akande at the book launch

Hadiza Aliyu said, “You have a good heart, Excellency, my mentor! The Great PMB Federal Republic of Nigeria! Allah Almighty is aware of what you are doing to reduce the situation of insecurity in Nigeria, do your best and leave the rest to Allah Almighty as He is totally in control.

Ayuba Ahmad Lawal said, “After nearly 42 people were brutally killed by bandits, you are in Lagos to celebrate Akande’s book.”

Henry Ejoke Gabriel, wrote: “The worst president ever! You failed in Nigeria! You have failed your state! You missed your region!

Collins Everbliss said: “General Muhammadu Buhari, you have failed in your responsibility. Shame on you Mr. Globetrotter. You represent nothing but chaos and disappointment.

Khalid Ibrahim Angale said: “Mr. President, with all due respect, in this time of mourning, your trip to Lagos should not have been a priority. Nigerians voted for you in the hope that you will protect their lives and property.

“Mr. President, I have been your unconditional supporter from the beginning, I have always supported and defended you, I have never lost hope in you but this time, sir, you give me no hope because the things kept happening, our people are being killed everyday and all we have here is an audio warning and assurances that never yielded a positive result.

“You still have time to earn the trust of Nigerians by standing up to do the right thing or else history will remember you and your government as a change from bad to worse. I pray that the Almighty gives you the courage, strength, wisdom and foresight to meet our security challenges, revive our economy and consolidate the gains of democracy.

A Bamgboye Adeniyi Emmanuel, comic wax saying: “The book he is not going to read😒”

The Buharists to the rescue

Amid the bashing, a few of the president’s supporters stood out, saying he shouldn’t take the heat from all the country’s problems.

Comrade Abdulwahab A Kwarra said, “God bless Buhari. Sir, Nigerians are happy with your administration. You are the best president Nigeria has ever produced.

Aliyu Ahmed Sambo Doguru said, “Mr. President!! We support you!! We voted for you!! We continue to support you and pray for you!!

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