Book launch: WOSH.WORLD FutureReady, Business News

StreetFood brings joy, touches lives and is an integral part of local cultures, traditions and heritage. WOSH.WORLD was born out of a shared passion for StreetFood and a labor of love for StreetFood communities.

The first book, WOSH.WORLD StreetFood and Hawkerpreneurship, represents the collective aspirations of the founding members of WOSH.WORLD to uplift StreetFood communities – to preserve and ensure the continued survival of traditional StreetFood and Hawker culture. It consists of a collection of ideas, thoughts and stories; a potential game-changer to turn StreetFood vendors and hawkers into FutureReady hawkers.

The positive response and encouragement received from friends and supporters of WOSH.WORLD for the first book inspired the creation of a second book – WOSH.WORLD FutureReady.

In this second book, we invite you to join us on the journey of StreetFood and Hawkerpreneurship from the distant past to the present and the future. WOSH.WORLD FutureReady is a collection of 32 articles from friends and partners, an assortment of international contributions from Oceania to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Topics range from alternative protein foods, StreetFood with Metaverse, from the night market to the capital market, from street food to Wall Street, and from indigenous cuisine to fusion cuisine in Southeast Asia. The book also includes special articles on Commemorative Coins for Hawker Culture in Singapore and StreetFood Art.

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