Book launch at Wild Eye Pub today

Local author Nory Fussell is pleased to announce the release of his new memoir, “Life’s Rebellion, A Beautiful Death”. A book launch event is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 12, at 3 p.m. at the Wild Eye Pub on Mill Street.

This book began as a series of vignettes written after Fussell’s father, at 94, chose to die from voluntarily giving up eating and drinking (VSED). Death and writing were processes of choice and empowerment that resulted in many stories of humor, grief, and healing. Reflections on his difficult relationship with his father brought Fussell back through the adventures and journeys of his varied life, from a bicultural childhood playing in the jungles of Panama to his crush in 1972 with the Yuba River. Along the way there are tales of music, baseball, military service, and early explorations of life in the United States.

“The Rebellion of Life, A Beautiful Death” is peppered with quotes and philosophical and political reflections meant to take readers to a pause for thought.

At the book launch event, Fussell will read excerpts, talk about the writing experience, and questions from the field. Refreshments and music will be offered and, of course, books will be available for sale and dedication. In the spirit of the health and safety of the community, it is necessary that those present be masked and vaccinated.

“Make a friend here. Indulge yourself in this restorative memoir, ”said Gene Berson, local poet.

A book launch event for local author Nory Fussell’s new memoir “Life’s Rebellion, A Beautiful Death” is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 12, at 3 p.m. at the Wild Eye Pub on Mill Street.
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