Azad Iqbal’s poetic prowess hailed at book launch

The Talk Show Committee of the Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) recently organized the launching ceremony of Azad Iqbal’s poetry collection “Danaye Raaz” at Hasina Moin Hall.

The event was chaired by poet and literary scholar, Professor Sehar Ansari, and moderated by Shakeel Khan. Among those who expressed their views were literary critic Mubeen Mirza, artist Shahid Rasam and Karan Singh.

Azad, who is the grandson of Pakistan’s national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, is known for his musical talents. However, the publication of his collection of poetry also impressed many literary critics.

According to a statement released by the ACP, Professor Ansari said in his presidential address that the launch of Azad’s poetry book made the day great. He was of the opinion that the book was proof of Iqbal’s poetic prowess.

Professor Ansari congratulated the poet on the launch of the collection of his verses.

Mirza said that with the publication of the book, Azad established his name among important poets living today.

The reviewer said he felt honored to speak about Azad’s verses, which he said dealt with the theme of world building and changing. Mirza added that Azad inherited these themes from his legendary grandfather Iqbal.

Singh said Azad’s entry into poetry after his successes in music was a welcome thing.

The speaker added that it was important for a poet not to disappoint his readers and add to their disillusionment. He opined that Azad’s poetry spoke of hope for better times and a bright future.

Azad himself also spoke on this occasion. He said there was no doubt that the CAP was an admirable institution that had maintained a fragrant scientific and literary atmosphere.

He acknowledged that he felt proud to be the grandson of Iqbal who enjoyed legendary status in the canon of Persian and Urdu poetry. Azad said that Iqbal’s poetry was based on high intelligence and transcendental themes, and his ideas always enlightened the people.

Azad was Pakistan was Iqbal’s idea and the name of the great poet would always be linked to the country.

Speaking of “Danaye Raaz”, he said that he tried to create light in the dark, regardless of his ability. Only time will tell how successful he has been in his endeavors, he added.

He also talked about his interest in music, saying that he also tried to introduce the poems of Iqbal Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa in classical music.

He also said that the efforts of Dr. Shakeel Farooqi played a major role in the publication of the book.

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