Annapolis Youth Poetry Book Launch to be August 31

Annapolis, Maryland- The City of Annapolis will host a book launch party for Annapolis Youth Poetry “Around Each Corner”, a collection of poems written by young Annapolis poets. The event will take place at the Michael E. Busch Library, 1410 West Street, Annapolis from 3-4 p.m. on Tuesday, August 31. The public is invited to attend.

The poem book was collected earlier this year with the help of the Annapolis High School Help Center, the Annapolis Commission for Art in Public Places and the One Annapolis initiative of the mayor’s office.

The project began in the classroom of Ms. Romey Pittman, a teacher at Annapolis High School, where young people were invited to share poetry that told their stories, backgrounds, experiences, lives and traditions. The mission was inspired by the poem “Where I come from” by George Ella Lyon.

“Poetry is an important form of expression,” said Mayor Gavin Buckley. “It’s a way to find meaning in experiences and a way to build self-confidence. This publication is an opportunity to artfully bring young voices together to promote and celebrate self-identity and self-respect.

In all, 45 poems are published in the book. The individual poems speak of triumph, heartache, clashing cultures and proud heritage. Copies of the poetry book will be available. RSVP here:

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