Anglo-Indian writer launches Modi monograph at Sharjah Book Fair

Sharjah, November 12 (IANS) A 62-page monograph on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, initially launched in the UK in February, was unveiled at the Sharjah International Book Fair to a wider audience.

Written by British Indian journalist-turned-author Mihir Bose, the book, ‘Narendra Modi – The Yogi of Populism’, has been described as ‘a fascinating and original take on one of the most interesting political leaders of our time’, by David Smith, Economic Times editor of the Sunday Times.

In an hour-long interactive session on Thursday at the Sharjah Expo Center where the 11-day festival takes place until Saturday, the BBC’s premier sports writer shared how he came up with the idea to write the book after discovering a graffiti in 1981 in Kemps Corner of Mumbai which read: “Mrs. Gandhi saves the Hindus. “

“It was the beginning of the idea that you had lost your country and needed someone to save it. (Donald) Trump used it, Boris Johnson used it and (Narendra) Modi too. Bose said comparing the former US President’s ‘Build the Wall’ story with Modi’s ‘Build the Temple’ before explaining why he thought the Indian Prime Minister’s playbook for winning the election provided a model for both Trump and Johnson.

“There is this strong belief that India was once a great nation and that the greatness that was lost due to bad administration by the previous government for decades is now being reclaimed by Modi’s government,” Bose said. speaking of Modi and contemporary India.

Bose, who began his career as a journalist at the London Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) in the late 1970s, also discussed cricket, its future and how India came to dominate world cricket, on the basis of his book “The Nine Waves: The Extraordinary Story of Indian Cricket”.

“I would have loved for India to continue and win the ICC World T20 here in the United Arab Emirates, but unfortunately that won’t be the case anymore and I will have to update my book with these disappointing results,” he said. he stated with reference to the India channel. poor performances in their group matches which saw them lose to Pakistan, first in a World Cup match, then New Zealand before withdrawing from the tournament.

Speaking of the proliferation of T20 and 100-ball cricket, Bose said: “The T20 is a good appetizer, but the cricket test for me is the main course. improve overall skills. “


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