A world full of names: launch of a new children’s book

Manhattan-based publishing company Cozy Corner Press recently released “A World Full of Names,” an inspiring children’s book written by Serobi Eugene-Hippolyte.

Unique baby names, such as those often given by famous parents, can cause a child unforeseen future challenges. From mockery from other school kids to prejudice in the workplace and other social settings, a weird nickname can embarrass and overwhelm a person throughout their life.

In an article published by the New York Post, Australian writer Sabrina Rogers-Anderson says: “Parents are trying to be original, almost branding their children in an age when names are seen on the same level as Twitter handles or social networks. ‘URL of a website.

“A World Full of Names” seeks to change the deeply rooted prejudices people have about names – their own and those of others. It takes readers on a journey with Pixery, a little girl who sets off to explore a world full of unique names and their meanings. In turn, she learns to love her own uncommon name.

The book was written with the intention of celebrating unique names and their special meanings and stories. It is ideal for children with rare names as well as educators looking to teach their class about the importance of tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect and overcoming cultural differences.

Cozy Corner Press specializes in educational books for children, novels for young adults and adults, and ghostwriting services for budding authors looking to bring their stories to life. The company was founded by Serobi Eugene-Hippolyte who has a background in mass communications and the emergency healthcare industry. She currently divides her time between working in the health field and writing. Serobi has previously written ghosts for well-known personalities, whose published works are protected by NDAs.

Books published by Cozy Corner Press include: “Hey Gorgeous Gorgeous Girl,” an educational children’s book that teaches young girls the importance of their attitude toward themselves and others; “I Will Love You Forever,” a rhyming picture book for infants, toddlers and young children; and “Stay Groovie, Susie.”

Cozy Corner Press is based in Manhattan, New York, and serves customers nationwide. For more information, please visit https://cozycornerpress.com

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