4 Essential Book Launch Steps to Publish a Best Seller and Grow Your Business Exponentially.

Often overlooked and seen as a complex and tedious process, writing a bestselling book and book is not something many entrepreneurs consider. However, not much compares in terms of gaining credibility in your niche, and it could be argued that becoming a bestselling author is the best single strategy for reaching millions of new clients.

Co-writing a successful book is a remarkable achievement in every way. From a business perspective, it has been shown to dramatically increase brand credibility and sales funnel conversations. A recent study conducted by ‘Grammar Factory’ showed that entrepreneurs increased their income by 34% after the publication of their work.

Diana Wentworth is the author of seven bestselling and award winning books. Wentworth has been invited to collaborate with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen on two of their best-selling books in the series, ‘Chicken soup for the soul’, which has since sold more than 500 million copies.

She recently wrote the preface to ‘Women Gone Wild: The Female Guide to Living Without Fear ” that touched the hearts of women around the world. Creating a platform for co-authors means building a community, for Diana being part of a women’s movement was a determined mission to bring writers together and inspire readers “People are not inspired by the things you have do, they’re inspired by how you make them feel, ”explained Wentworth.

Within 72 hours of the book’s launch, it has reached several top-selling categories on Amazon and is currently preparing its second volume. Wentworth shares her strategies and the advantage she found in becoming a bestselling author.

The elements of a successful book launch

There are four key elements to consider in developing a strategy for launching a top-selling book on Amazon, with the first step being critical to the success of the entire strategy. The first is to use an accurate timing window to ensure that Amazon’s algorithms are optimized within the first 48-72 hours. The second key element is the selection of niche categories, with importance given here to your research. Find categories with minimal competition at launch time to repeatedly guarantee a better chance of reaching number one in that category. Third, the process of intentional collaboration prioritize careful consideration with whom you co-write your book, knowing that if there is a unified topic, albeit in different niches, it increases the chances of much bigger sales in the first 48-72 hours.

The fourth includes an affiliate program, Encouraging affiliates to support your launch is a lucrative way to profit from book sales and it allows you to offer exclusive bonuses to their customers as an incentive.

Increase the credibility and research of your brand

Your reputation will precede you. A bestselling book amplifies your reach, expands your network, and increases your income. Typically, a co-author cohort will consist of more than 12 authors, thus multiplying your network many times over. The more people search for your name, search for the title of the book, share it on social media, and participate in comments, the more your search capacity increases. Your brand will start to rank in keyword searches for your niche, search engines and social algorithms will push your content and website up in the feed.

One of Diana’s co-authors and best-selling author herself, Kendra Davies spoke about how the publication of her anthology article catapulted her mark into a realm of people with more notoriety. “Writing a book with other authors really allowed me to support myself and to feel supported, without competition. It also made the otherwise difficult writing process a lot easier. Davies said.

Add a unique advantage to your sales funnel

Every high converting funnel starts with knowing the problem it aims to solve and talking to it clearly with a focused copy and a lead generation element. This is where your book comes in. Your book serves as a bridge that your ideal clients will cross between points A to Z. Consumers demand more value up front, and adding a book to your funnel will give it an edge over your competition.

Beyond the importance of writing in a way that evokes an immediate emotional connection with the reader, having a tight strategy and team to help you successfully launch your book will immediately increase your brand’s credibility, as well as sales and opportunities for other collaborations across a range of media streams. Alexa West, the founder of “The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide”. With four of his books consistently reaching the top five bestsellers in their niche, West says, “If your goal is to be famous, you will never be a bestselling author. On the contrary, if your goal is to write books that solve a problem for thousands of readers, bestseller status will come easily when readers share your solution and your book with everyone who will listen. With a waterproof bestseller strategy coupled with the means to build a leveraged community, businesses that add this edge to their content repository and brand profile will see new demand for their products and services.

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