2022 Global Digital Banking Research Report Book Launch

NEW YORK, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A launch of the book “Global Digital Banking Research Report 2022”, edited by Haitou Global and published by China Financial and Economical Publishing House, was recently held at beijing. A number of industry experts and media professionals, including Dr. Chenyang Weivice president of the Institute for FinTech Research at Tsinghua University, Dongmin YuChairman of the Financial Branch of the China Economic and Financial Publishing House, and jerry wangCEO of Haitou Global, attended the forum to discuss digital banking under the wave of fintech.

Using state-of-the-art technology, digital banking refers to the complete digitization of banks and all their activities, plans and functions, using digital networks as the core of banks and providing online financial services to their clients. Meanwhile, services tend to be customizable and interactive, while the banking structure is increasingly flattened. As reported by Exton Consulting, 60 digital banks emerged globally in 2018 and will reach 256 by 2020, a more than fourfold increase. Globally, the digital banking market is expected to reach $722.6 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 47.7%, according to Grand View Research.

CEO of Haitou Global, jerry wang, expressed his gratitude for the support of Tsinghua University Institute of Financial Technology and China Financial and Economic Publishing House during the book launch event. He said the launch of the “Global Digital Banking Research Report 2022” continues the success of last year’s “Consumer Credit Technology for Emerging Markets Research Report”. Focusing on the development of digital banking in eight markets around the world, Haitou Global believes that this industry is still in its infancy and that exploring how to develop sustainable and profitable business models in each region remains a priority. . With the release of the “Global Digital Banking Research Report 2022”, Haitou Global hopes that more and more friends will contribute to the development of digital banking together in the future.

Dr. Wei Chenyang, Vice President of the Institute for FinTech Research at Tsinghua University, shared his thoughts on “Thinking about Digitization and Wealth Management” at the launch event. According to him, FinTech is entering an explosive phase, which will not only accelerate the pace of global technology and digitalization, but also create new opportunities for innovation in all industries. This change will be irreversible, he said. For the wealth management industry, digital technology has improved the ability to identify risk, which is conducive to rational asset allocation and reduced market volatility.

Conference experts believe that the Global Digital Banking Research Report 2022 closely links the development of digital banking with the characteristics of the times from a global point of view and from a model-practice point of view, which can be considered as a landmark publication that combines theory and practice in the fintech field and incorporates professionalism, academics, and comprehensiveness. Discussions on digital banking’s sustainable development model reflect Haitou Global’s forward thinking in the digital era, which will serve as a blueprint for digital banking’s transformation into China. The importance and value of publishing this book lies in this aspect. In increasingly profound ways, technology is changing the composition of the financial industry and integrating into the daily lives of more and more users.

Founded in New York in 2014, with the concept of “Investing in life and impacting the world”, Haitou Global has always focused on global financial technology and emerging market investment opportunities. Haitiou Global has built long-term sustainable partnerships with its partners through its professional capabilities and refined operations. Haitou Global is a global asset allocation platform offering investment products including growth stocks, private credit, venture capital, real estate as well as investment advisory, corporate banking investment and family office. The platform has a global development structure that includes the New York Investment Center, the Beijing Advisory Center, the Hong Kong Service Center, and the Singapore Technology Center.

As the old adage goes, you can only become very successful if you have a really big kingdom; if you learn the way of the future, you will develop great virtue. Haitou Global’s forward-looking approach to emerging markets is driven by both technology and research, and has garnered attention both for its high market position and for its contribution to social progress and prosperity. inclusive finance. With the trend of global digital development, Haitou Global will continue to explore emerging markets and fintech in the future, providing customers with more advanced global market references and collaborating with more Chinese partners to develop and share new new emerging market opportunities with Haïtou.

SOURCEHaitou Global

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