$2 Million Thackery Wine Books Collection Heads to New York Antiquarian Book Fair – Robb Report

New York-based rare book and wine enthusiasts both have something special to look forward to this month.

Oenophiles will want to make it a point to go through Bookseller Ben Kinmontthe board New York International Antiquarian Book Fair (NYIABF) later in April. That’s because the exhibitor will be selling the Thackrey Library, which is generally considered the largest private collection of wine books in the United States.

The collection was put together by winemaker Sean Thackrey and consists of more than 700 books and manuscripts on wine, according to a press release. The monographs, written mainly between the 15th century and the phylloxera epidemic at the end of the 19th century, bring together all the important works on oenology and viticulture, such as that of Arnaldus de Villanova. of wine (1530) and Jacobus Praefectus De diversorum vini generum natura liber (1564) – as well as many other lesser known titles. Together, the books paint a remarkably comprehensive picture of the development and evolution of wine culture in the West. At the festival, Kinmot will showcase 46 highlights from the collection, which is being sold en bloc for $2 million.

A plate from “De vinis” by Arnaldus de Villanova (1530)

Bookseller Ben Kinmont

“The object of this library is to present an anthology of early texts on wine making and understanding wine, with many, many more added simply because I think they are pleasures”, Thackrey wrote of the collection on his website. “These texts run the gamut from obscure to obscure. Some are known, though in fact read only under academic duress; some are entirely unknown. The fact is, as inexplicable as it may seem (and to me seems), that apparently no such anthology has ever been published before, in print, on the internet or elsewhere.

Incredibly, Thackery has made the transcribed text of much of his collection available for reading online. through this same site. But to really get the full experience, you want to see for yourself the very beautiful books and illustrations of the 62n/a annual NYIABF, to be held April 21-24 at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

A close up of a A 15th century manuscript on winemaking and its effects on the body.

A close up of a A 15th century manuscript on winemaking and its effects on the body.

Bookseller Ben Kinmont

Tickets for the annual event are available now via the festival website. A ticket to the opening night preview, which includes additional daily admission, is available for $60, while general admission tickets for ages 16 and up can be purchased for $30 and student tickets for $10. If you find it hard to believe that one day will be enough, a “Run of Show” package, which allows you to visit multiple times, is available for $45.

If you can’t make it to the fair later this month, but have been inspired to add a wine-related tome to your library, our latest oenophile gift guide has a few options you might want to check out. .

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